You have something to say. About who you are, what you believe in and how you do business. You want to say it in a way that will move people and deliver meaningful results for your company or organization.

That's where Boldt Communications comes in.

We're a Vancouver, B.C.-based marketing communications company that specializes in helping you tell your story – in a way that reflects your values, supports your vision and helps drive your success. If you need a communications strategy, brand development or a new way to talk about your business, Boldt can help. Ask us how.


Lesli was interviewed by the National Post for her take on the PR crisis at UBC in August.


Boldt worked with Ballistic Arts on a video for the BC Libraries Cooperative to help them communicate their services to current and future members. Check it out (pun intended)

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On our minds

Lesli offers UBC some free advice on how to get their PR strategy on their leadership issues back on track.