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Written by Lesli Boldt on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 12:11PM
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Oh yes, this is one of those ranty blogs....with a happy ending.

And it is not without irony that my last blog was on "why reputation matters"...because I'm about to take a run at Telus'.

I just got my Telus bill for a 30-minute conference call I hosted last month. The half-hour call was $43. You read that right - $43.

Now, set aside for the moment that this is an outrageous cost for a conference call (it's 35 cents a minute), given the many other low-cost competitors out there.

Before I hosted this conference call, I phoned Telus to confirm that I had this teleconferencing feature on my account, as I hadn't used it (ever) since I set it up four years ago.

Now, this might have been a good time for the Telus sales representative to remind me of my rate plan and - perhaps - offer me a better rate of 4.9 cents a minute that's advertised on their website. But no - he just sent me the dial-in information (and nowhere in this communication was my exorbitantly high rate noted, either). And now here I am, $43 later, wondering how this happened.

I'm steamed

I just called Telus to complain about this, get an explanation for why the rate was so high (the answer was that this is the rate I'd signed up for four years ago - and therefore, it's my fault I didn't know. Remember, I called in to find out about my service before using it, and rate was never mentioned). I asked for remedy for this ridiculously high charge.

The service representative - who by the way, was very nice - was rendered speechless by my questions, politely letting me know that there's nothing she can do. I asked for a remedy again, and she said she'd put in an appeal and call me back on Monday. Monday. It's Thursday.

Worse, she suggested that she put me in touch with a sales representative to upsell me on a better rate on future calls.

What Telus did wrong

  • My initial sales rep did not inform me of my conference rate when I phoned in, nor did he work with me to get on a better plan with a better rate.
  • The staff person I spoke with today tried to upsell me on a better rate product without providing a remedy to my current situation.
  • Telus charges 35 cents a minute for on-demand teleconferencing in a very competitive marketplace.
  • They underestimated me.

What Telus did right

I have to admit, the @TelusSupport online team kicks butt - by far, the best service (and fast) that I've received from Telus throught this whole ordeal. It's not a remedy, but I'm impressed with their speed and responsiveness on social (now, if they could only follow through on it in real life).

I'll add to the comments section to let you know how this little drama plays out. In the meantime, send me your recommendations for affordable and reliable teleconferencing services!

UPDATE: The Happy Ending

It's 11:59 am and Telus has fixed the problem...showing the power of speaking your mind on social media. They've reversed the exorbitant charges and have me on the 4.9 cents plan. It's been crappy but I'm impressed that they've dealt with the issue so quickly. Slow clap for Telus.

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